2022 Workshop

Tuesday 30 Aug to Friday 2 Sept 2022

• Clevedon seafront locations

• Suitable for students in years 11 to 13

• Free of charge

Delivering student workshops is a major part of the Our Tide programme. The aim of the workshops is to allow local students to gain knowledge, understanding and skills related to tidal energy in a way that is engaging and inclusive. Along the way, students will gain confidence in applying their STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills and rub shoulders with science and engineering professionals to gain a wider perspective on careers and education in general.

Thanks to the support of Clevedon Sailing Club, the main location for the workshop will be their clubhouse on Clevedon seafront – there will also be a number of outside activities nearby (which may involve getting wet)


To apply to participate please fill out our online form and we will be in contact before the start of the course. With places limited to 24 students, we regret we may not be able to accommodate all applicants. In which case a reserve list for future workshops will be created.

We expect students to commit to the full week-long course, if possible, but we can make allowances if you let us know.

If you have any queries about the workshop, please email us with your questions:

2021 Workshop

OurTide delivered its first ever tidal energy workshop on 25-28th October 2021. An enthusiastic group of secondary school-age students went from initial mind maps to working models of turbines, covering all sorts of different aspects along the way – resource assessment, blade design, gearboxes, 3D printing, raspberry pi, environmental impacts, and more. The workshop was delivered by 8 professional engineers and scientists.

Example content from 2021 Workshop

One thing I learned is …

  • The environmental impacts of tidal power
  • How buoyancy is calculated
  • About aerofoils and how lift works
  • How tidal energy is dictated by geography

The best thing we did was …

  • Building the turbine model
  • Creating the raft
  • Making the demo tidal turbine
  • Calculating the power in different locations

I’m still curious about …

  • How quickly tidal power will be adopted
  • Is it better to have a turbine on the sea floor or floating at the surface?
  • How much power can be generated by the turbine
    Alternative energy from the sea
  • Drag and the forces at play when an object moves through the water

In future I’d like to …

  • Potentially get a job in engineering
  • Study computer coding and music engineering
  • Learn more about how tidal energy affects the environment
  • Go and see a full tidal turbine which generates a huge amount of power
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