The UK’s Energy Mix

The UK has a diverse range of electricity generation that allows us to meet our consumption needs. This can range from wind, solar, nuclear, biomass,

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Tidal Stream Energy

As I write on a very sunny day at the end of summer, the UK is currently consuming 34.4GW of electrical power. The major players

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Workshops 2023

Over the past 2 years OurTide has successfully run several workshops teaching students from GCSE to A-Level on the potential of tidal power in the

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Tidal Lagoons

There has been lots of talk over the years of exciting engineering projects to harness this natural resource, Liam Kirkby talks us through some of the previously proposed tidal barrages and lagoons.

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Our Tide Workshop

The workshop is underway and our workshoppers are are being put to the test on talking about (and making their own) energy by our very

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Pre-workshop Prep

Exciting times on Wednesday evening as our group of engineers got their heads together to plan some of the activities for our August workshop. Turbines

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